James McTaggart Mannix Dehombre, Mt Colah, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dear Ladies,

James is truly a magician. He may seem charming, and lovely, but he cheats on every single one of his girlfriends. So be aware, Jannifter Duan (his current girlfriend), because he’s also got a few STDs. I’ve known James for a while, and he’s a male s**t. He brags about giving women herpes and gonnorhea, and how many women he has slept with. Better that most women don’t go near him. He may have a house, a boat, a car, a magician’s shop in Mt. Kuringai, but he’s a male s**t with a d**k that’s been around and will always get around. On the outside he looks fine, but he’s a screwed up little man, only with a lot of money, an STD and many women on the side. So if you’re planning to have kids with him, don’t, because you’ll get an STD and so will the kid that you give birth to…….it’ll be congenital.

So ladies of the world, a warning from a male friend of his:
Don’t go near him, unless it’s with gloves and disinfectant.


One thought on “James McTaggart Mannix Dehombre, Mt Colah, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  1. Dear ladies,

    Everything in the previous comment is true!!

    James truly is a serial cheater and is on several dating websites like plenty of fish and oasis active (jaser82) which he uses even while he is with a girl, or many girls as the case may be. It seems his mission in life is to sleep with as many women as possible, as many women at one time as possible and then brag about it. He even brags to his supposed girlfriends and what? expects them to be impressed?? Yeah right!!
    But even more concerning than the cheating and the sti’s is that James is a dangerous, violent person. Women have taken out AVO’s on him and they’ve been upheld. All the information you need is readily available thanks to the freedom of information act, public records and the new domestic violence laws. All you have to do is make some enquiries and you’ll find out the truth about everything you need to know.

    Give this guy a miss ladies

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