James Hilsabeck, San Clemente, California

James, aka Jim or refers to self as JUNGLE JIM this loser Born and raised on Orange County area he went to school in Tustin , he has lived in Hawaii list 10 years he moved to Huntington Beach in July 2014 after his own daughter kicked him out of her house he then moved to San Clemente with roommates one a hair salon owner . This guy has been playing myself and a handful of other women mostly from POF . He preys on married , single , widowed and young girls, he has admitted having AIDS….BEWARE LADIES HE IS ON LOOSE…….he also claims to be a Sammy Hagar look a like lol. NOT ! He hangs at the beach also stalking ladies !!”


6 thoughts on “James Hilsabeck, San Clemente, California

    1. This CRAZY~WACK JOB claims I have aids…WRONG! posting a pic of my aids test…Zero results!
      She has been told to remove these false accusations and lies.
      Which she refuses to do.
      This gal is vicious, HATEFUL towards all men she dates or marries.
      She is the Wolf in lambs clothing

  1. My friend dated this guy for months. We tried to warn her but she said they were in love and wouldn’t listen. Now that we know she won’t go back to him we can post this info. He is a SOCIOPATH. Look up the description of this type of “person “and see what will happen to you.

  2. My dearest friend in the whole world dated this sick person and we couldn’t get her to recognize the signs of a sociopathic liar and real monster. He preys on women who are loving and trusting so he can penetrate and destroy. Ladies, please stay away from this poor excuse for a human being.

    1. Untrue statements by crazy women and their friends. He does not have AIDS. He is not a sociopath and the women he has dated are drama queens. He has gone to court to fight them and has won and the women’s lies have been exposed.

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