James Arnold Cukr. Tucson. Arizona. USA

James Arnold Cukr trolls dating sites and it turns out he is still married. He has been on POF and Match, both of which kicked him off when they found out he was lying about being divorced. He was also on OKCupid and lots of Meetup groups, like the Cards for Humanity Midlife Meetup. He claims he is divorced and “actively seeking a relationship,” cons women into s*x, then let’s them find out he’s1 married to a woman he abandoned in France. He lied to me about all of this for 11 months. He tells his wife he is starting a future for their family in the U.S. He also hooks up with women through Linked in, www.linkedin.com/in/javajam, Behance.net, and more. He also cons women out of their money.


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