Jamar Butler, Lima, Ohio

My friend was friends with this man for years then started dating him they were going to get married and she started viewing his phone messages thru my verizon. She caught him setting up a casual encounter with a transsexual when she was going shopping with her mom for wedding dresses she looked at his phone history and saw that he was looking for multiple transsexuals on Craigslist for casual encounters in not only Lima but Columbus. She has found out he lied about a coaching job he was supposed to be getting at osu and lied about a trip he took to go to a coaches convention he was really in Vegas hitting up strip clubs and g*d only knows wat else. She now has to get tested for STDS be cuz did I mention she found this after less than 1 wk of being able to view his messages I would have to guess its been going on for some time. This beloved basketball player is disturbed disgusting and a bad person . Beware stay away


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  1. He also uses fbook for casual encounters I know because he messaged me and asked for pictures. I’m so glad I googled him to find this out

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