Jamal Williams, San Bernardino, California

Jamal Williams from San Bernardino California age 19. 5 tall hazel color eyes African American living right now in Nashville Tennessee. He is a lier and s cheater. He uses girls for money and s*x. She got my friend pregnant and made sure she didn’t made it to the whole pregnancy. Every time they broke up he would tell her he would never be with no one else. He drove her to suicide.


One thought on “Jamal Williams, San Bernardino, California

  1. Jamal I use to date him back in High School at SBHS. I never thought he will go this low since now he’s a father of a GIRL! BUT than again doesn’t suprise me since he cheated on her to while she was pregnant reason his daughter doesn’t have his last name. Sure he has AIDS or STDS he sleeps with every girl he cans. Won’t be suprise if he ends up being a father again and they take away his kids for cheating. Ladies watch out. Last time I’ve heard he moved to Tenesse Nashville by the way he has a tiny micro p***s hahahahaha ?

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