Jacqueline Solano, California

I had been dating this girl for 3 years. During this time I helped her out with her kids and all her mental bull s***. I was trying to be Mr. “save a hoe” I knew she had 2 kids by different guys, she was a pot smoker and drank. All of these things made her very very bitter. i thought i could help. What I didn’t know what how messed up she was. When this woman drank she was so mean. She would take all of her things on me. Like if i had cause her past. So dealt with this for 3 years.. We moves from San Diego, ca to oceanside , ca then to Carlsbad,ca. The time i lived in San Diego with her i was really sick. i had kidney failure and i think that gave her a sense of perpuse or something like that. During this time she was really mean to me but did manage a few time to take care of me. When i would end up in the hospital she would never visit or very few times. When i had to stay more then 2 days she would tell me that she was going to leave me. So I would check myself out sooner than the doctors wanted me to to keep her. happy. When we movies to Oceanside, ca I had had a transplant and i was no longer ill. Well this made me think more clearly and realize things for what they were. After my transplant I was recovering so i would watch her kids, and well they this time we had a kid. So i was stay home dad. Well I have always let her go thru my cell phone and she would never let em go thru hers. one night I had a dream about her and I woke up in the middle of the night. So i went thru her cell phone. there was a lot of different guy’s numbers. So i figure they were from work or co workers or whatever. i let it go well one day she was walk from her car to the house I herd her talking and she said the Name Aaron. that night i woke up in teh middle of the night because our baby was crying. So i got him to go back to sleep and then went to her phone. I copied the guys number. I called him the next day during the day. He answer the phe like this, ” hey sexy b**** you wanna suck some more d*** later tonight or tomorrow?” I hung up the phone and i was a little freaked out. So I calm myself and was waiting for the weekend to ask her. During this time she was fired and we moved to carlsbad, ca. i told myself that it was all bull and someone was playing a prank on her. March of 2009 She told me that we should start watching movies alone and then talk about them at home. I thought it was weird but I went alone with it. We could not watch movies because of the kids and baby siitting was a pain to get. Well the first time she went I saw taht there was 2 ticket stubs. later that day a guy called her phone and left a voice mail. I checked and it was the same voice. It said, ” thx babe for the movie. i told you that you would liek car s*x. i am glad I got you first on that.


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