Jacob Myers, Akron / Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Jacob Myers is a narcissistic drug addict lifeless loser who gets with people and fabricates entire facades of his past in order to sleep with them. His ultimate objective is to tell them whatever they want to hear, including pretending to believe in G*d, pretending to want marriage, pretending to believe in lifelong monogamy without a certificate, etc. The bottom-line being that you have no consent with this man.

He claims to be the victim of countless charades, and will literally drive you insane to the point that you send him hate mail because he has used you up in every single way, accused you of being Satan himself, and given you drugs to make you paranoid. Secretly, however, he is using “molly” which is usually a street derivative cocktail of ecstasy, heroin, meth, and crack: Though, him and his “cronies”, members of The Burn Unit dance squad, claim that “molly” is “pure and nonaddictive”.

He abuses animals; when I first met him his cat had no food; he wanted to play chess and I kicked his a*s and he basically looked at me with eyes of an arrogant c**t because he was “soooo surprised” he had been outsmarted; the know-it-all atheist has only one thing on his mind: Using you for s*x when he wants to even against your will, making empty promises to emotionally & psychologically f**k you, taking your money, and playing the victim.

He has a loooong history of dating people for yearlong spans at time; whether it’s a man or a woman, he f***s them, uses them, and then claims to be the victim of some sort and self-justifies what is essentially prostitution. His excuses come in the form of usually making a novel of false allegations, claiming he was unloved, abused, used, raped, the person only wanted to change them, it wasn’t a real relationship, he was weaseled into it, he was financially supporting them, the person hated all their friends, unappreciated everything. In reality, he is a psychopath.

I was paying his bills, even without a job. As a shamanic mystic & healer entering the Age of Aquarius I was looking for a husband to build a life with and to share revolutionary ideas in the ways of activism & social reform using high social justice/judgement. He dressed like a hippie & claimed to be one, and that he was “soooo worried that the wouldn’t get married and everyone keeps using him”. He surrounded himself with fake spiritual people included sacred geometry & whatnot, but come to find out it had nothing to do with being a hippie; the political movement of the 70s was about spiritual transformation. However, in this little liar’s world, it meant lying to people, using drugs, sleeping with who he wants to sleep with, and abusing people and getting away with it.

His mother is a real w***e who with the special ed & breaks her contract of confidentiality by making fun of them & talking about them with everyone around her. She was molested as a kid so she grew up into being a man-hating s**t who encourages Jacob & assists him in his manipulations.

After I found us a place to live for cheap and paid his rent, among other bills—struggling to deal with my spiritual shamanic gifts, earn a living as an artist, and work freelance at jobs I didn’t want to do in order to make ends meet in the meanwhile—he did nothing but eat up all the food, leave piles of trash around everywhere, withheld s*x, accuse me of things, gaslight me, ignored the cats, ignored my friends, refused to let me vent about anything, bragged about himself & his friends, called me a “negative worthless piece of s**t”, complained, encouraged me to quit talking to me friends because they were “abusive”, accused me of abusing my friends, took my money (which I later realized he wasn’t just using molly & LSD when dancing, but that he was medicating himself with it), smoke cigarettes, use up all his money, look people up on the Internet for hookups, secretly watched p**n & jerked off by himself in the night, secretly hooked up with people when he left to go to expensive “raves” & parties, accused me of “never doing anything for him and not loving him” because I was spending all my money to pay the bills & buy food with a food-trade-service I had with the friend who owned the house (due to years of working together as artists), and all the time he was just taking my money to buy drugs and guilt trip me for being unable to go to $20, $50, $100 entry fee parties & raves with him.

He abused our animals; when it was his turn to clean the cat boxes or buy food, it simply wouldn’t happen. After he left he claimed I was abusing the animals. His drug dealer friends Racheal Logan & Ryan Dover were selling him LSD & meth like candy; they basically attacked me after he left and empowered him to be a little rotten w***e, then to w***e himself out at the raves for The Burn Unit & threatened me with violence.

He lived me with for a whole year, said he loved me, agreed to a lifelong monogamous relationship which I specifically outlined as my terms before we slept together, and used me the entire time. He claims that his past ex “force moved himself in by manipulating him and his mom”. He claims he was “financially supporting an house of college kids in Kent while working full time & going to school full time, and they were using him and it gave him lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome”; he then used these pity-party excuses to begin manipulating s*x; that is, we could only have it when he wanted to have it. He claimed his “first girlfriend only wanted to change him”, so he left her. His other ex “was jealous of his friend”, so he dumped him after a year of living together; in truth, the friend he claims he was jealous of is a female model in Cleveland who uses drugs and Jacob would brag about having the hots for all the time and wanting to marry her, even though she had a boyfriend, barely talked to him, and he was with me. I presume the f****t did the same thing to his ex, and after severely destroying & abusing him he kicked him to the streets for something new to play with.

His artwork is a ripoff; he stole ideas and language from me constantly, and pretended he came up with it. He knew nothing about Metatron, and then when I told him I wanted to get a Metatron’s Cube tattoo because I believe in Kabbalistic mysticism, he began telling people that this was his idea and he got the idea from the hippies. Mind you, he had never heard of Metatron nor did he know about Metatron’s Cube when I told him about it. But, he still accused me of being a liar and a devil later anyway.

He professed to be an atheist, which basically means that when we first got together when I told him I believe in G*d and he said he believes in Life & the Higher Consciousness that he was lying. He began telling me that I am not allowed to talk about G*d; I am not a Bible Thumper. In fact, I believe in universal spirituality: Hinduism, mysticism, the Native American Holy Spirit/Great Spirit, Judaism, etc. are all branches of the One G*d. Therefore, when he began harassing me and making up lies about G*d and telling me not to use that word anymore, I was literally shocked; it was six months after we lived together. He threatened to leave me all the time to control me to do things; when we moved the first time, he ridiculed me for not “putting everything away”. In other words, it was my job to take everything out of the boxes and set everything up because he worked at Home Depot part time … While I was working as a shamanic healer meditating & writing books, working as a web designer, a web programmer, and struggling to pay bills without a weekly guaranteed check.

I came from an abusive childhood; he used my loneliness & desperation to try to pull a fast one over on me. Being in a relationship with Jacob is like being with a french w***e; he sleeps with whatever he wants, lies about it, will lie to you, exploit your dreams, rape you by deception, abuse your animals, convince you to break ties with damaging situations in your life, take your money, insult you, flirt with everything, and when all is said and done he’ll simply walk out abruptly and move on to get more from somewhere else. When he left he didn’t say a word, it was literally out of nowhere & took place over the course of two days; he treated me like a serial killer, accused me of rape and abuse. He stole a bunch of stuff from me. He blocked me and ignored me like he never knew me—literally out of nowhere, but conveniently right after tax day when he got his tax returns.

Stay the f**k away from this loser and his family if you know what’s best for you; he isn’t a revolutionary, a lover, a hippie, or even a real artist: He’s a drug addict lying s**t who never uses sexual protection, who makes up stories about everything, and is out to take from you. I would never have slept with him if I had known he was lying about everything; he claimed he wasn’t an atheist, that he believed in life (when really he believes in destruction: using you and destroying you, and the relationship then blaming you), a drug addict, and not monogamous. I’m sure his story changes all the time whether it is dating profile he uses online to remind you that you are nothing & he will leave you.

I divulged to him that I think I wanted to get counseling, and I think that I may have a form of Asperger’s. Now, I am still a very emotionally open and loving person; him on the other hand, is not. He has histrionic personality disorder. He cuts himself because he is emotionally dead inside & feels nothing. At one point he told me that “if I didn’t stop having autism he’d leave me”—right before a friend was about to come over, whom he was sexually attracted to and immediately tried to sleep with after he abandoned & raped me dozens of times. When the friend came over he pretended like I wasn’t in the room; I met Jacob through this friend, and he claimed that “there was a special bond between them”. No, the guy didn’t want Jacob, so Jacob thought he’d use me as long as possible to help pay bills and get s*x if he felt like it, dump his emotional insecurities & hate off onto me, and drive me to insanity. He wanted to put me in a fearful bad mood so he could pretend like there was a close bond between them when the guy came over.

One of the worst people ever; and yes, lying to me about everything to sleep with me for an entire year to take money from me … He raped me literally over 50 times by deception. In order to have consent, you pretty much have to get someone to say yes; if the answer is “no”, because you’re an atheistic drug-addict lying s**t, and you pretend to be something different, then the answer is still “no”—and you’ve raped a person by deception in every way. I broke down after 4 months when he called me to abuse me some more, and told me to “quit harassing his friends” who were harassing me me on Facebook; I responded to them and told them how inappropriate their words were, and that Jacob had left me 4 months ago.

In other words, he called me to talk s**t to me and try to make himself feel better; the entire conversation went something along the lines, “I’m awesome. I’m perfect. Drugs are cool. Don’t judge me. You’re abusive. I’m never coming back. Quit talking to my drug dealing friends. You’re stalking me & bothering everyone. Go away. It’s over. I’m living in my car after I left. Boohoo me. I don’t feel sorry for you and no one does. You don’t appreciate your friends. Your friends hate you. When people do nice things for you, you are unworthy and should feel guilty. Go away.”

Everyone in his life betrayed me, including him, and after he used me and lied to get what he could out of me—he wanted to soak in all the sympathy as well, and push me to suicide. In fact, he even told me kill myself. In the end I found out he was just going to hippie cuddle s**t fests and meeting people online.


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