Jackie Konnerth and Tony Flors, Cleveland and Parma Ohio areas.

The subhuman people pictured in this photo if you see please be warned to have no contact with either of them as they are very skilled scam artists that go after people to use, bully, steal money from, they also have gotten other people to do their dirty work and have people at will go after others they do not like. They have both abandoned their children and step children from their prior marriages, and have both lied to and cheated on their prior marriages and then have made out in their divorces as there is something seriously wrong in the judicial system in cleveland ohio where people like this can take their exes for everything when they where the ones that lied and cheated throughout their prior marriages. The boy pictured in this photo has attempted to strangle, harm and mame his former step daughter, has abandoned his two blood children and walks around the cleveland area going to AA meetings proclaiming he was abused by his ex wife and that he is a sober, honest human being that was mistreated after he did nothing but abuse and lie to his family for 22 years while having an affair with the w***e pictured in this photo who he is now married too. These people also proclaim to be devout christians and believe that g*d will forgive them for their scams, and lies…I beg of you people of the northeastern Ohio area to watch out for these people you can even do criminal back round checks on both of them as I know for a fact that the dirtbag so called man in this picture has been in jail for multiple drunk driving and almost killing people with his drunk driving, he is not sober like he claims and is also on psych meds and smoking weed. The women if you want to call her one has warnings for stalking and harrassment as she will come into your work and deliver you anger management books as she cusses you out and follows you home in her car and also she slashes tires and puts nails in tires too. These people are very involved in their communities and know alot of powerful people so be warned as once they have you in their sights they can obtain all of your personal info to destroy you and they have gotten away with it up to this point. I am hoping people will stop enabling these two to run the city of Parma and the Cleveland area. They also are big in the gay communities and strip club communities as they also victimize people in a way that gets on a basic level of I want to identify with you and be supportive of causes or people that are lonely or in need of uplifting. These 2 are very good at what they do and will seem to be the nicest people on the planet, they also can appear to be cool or lively or with the times so to speak and that is apart of their game also. So in conclusion be a strong minded person, have a backbone, think for yourself and don’t follow these people, they will talk everything you own or worked hard for and destroy your life and leave you homeless on the streets, they will do it to children also, they have no limits. They are also violent, they are NRA members and open carry but both have a backround of accessed mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions. If you go to AA and see these two I would report them also to central office as this is not a good thing to have around people in recovery who are fragile and easily manipulated and looking for community.


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