jack cunningham morongo valley california united states

jack Cunningham from Morongo valley California is on POF under the username boggs714. this guy is a complete liar and creep. I ran across his profile and sent him a message. he sent me several messages and I thought he was being honest and upfront. said he was single and had broken up with his ex a year and a half ago. as we talked I kept thinking how familiar he looked to me. we live probably 60 miles apart and I thought maybe I had seen him around. then it dawned on me, he was the boyfriend of a friend I knew. I called her and she said they had broken up early December of THIS year, 2015. I shared his messages to me from the POF site where he was claiming they split a year and a half ago. every message he sent me about himself and his past were complete lies. My friend sent me all the texts he had sent her and his last texts to her were 2 days before I met him. She also sent me pics of him so I knew it was him.This guys is a complete creep, please avoid him, unless you like liars.


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