Jack Boyle, Adelaide, Australia

Jack Boyle… originally from Scone now residing in Adelaide. DONT DATE HIM. He will make you think your the one only to be dating numerous other women at the same time. He will make excuses and lie the entire time. He wont use condoms and has given girls STI’s. When you find out or work out he is cheating he will just turn it all around on you and make you feel like ***. He will tell his other girls that your just a physco ex and to block you on face book. Many girls have written emails and worked out he is a scum bag lying cheating heartbreaking b*****d. You will think your the one when he feeds you all of his bull *** only to break your heart. He dated 3 other women even though he told me he loved me and we were in a relationship. He knows how to fool you and you will get sucked in, believe me. STAY AWAY LADIES PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN WELLBEING… Jack Boyle cheater, liar, psycho, cheater, liar DONT DATE HIM!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Jack Boyle, Adelaide, Australia

  1. All of the above is true, I have contact with 12 other women who can verify this, one major thing, Jack Boyle from Adelaide Australia cheats, and he cheats good. Those twelve women? Well they were all seeing him at the same time as me. This man is a serial abuser, s*x addict and sociopath. He sees women as victims, toys, playthings. Jack Boyle will have s*x with up to 5 different women a day, he comes to see you, stays two hours, makes and excuse… OR CAUSES A FIGHT…on purpose, so he can go spend two hours with another woman, causes a fight, makes an excuse etc etc etc. Good luck ladies, you need it. Women like us will not stop this Jack, every woman on this earth has the right to know about men like you. This will go on, forever. Google it.

  2. he sounds just like barry aberts the cheatin lying sociopath i dated for over three yrs…funny how they all have the same bullshit down pat like theres a handbook for freaks out there somewhere they all sound the same kinda scary ….they need u to fall hard 4 them then strip u of everything there worse then the dudes that use women for a one nite stand they destroy ur heart and souls and then act like ur crazy and they never loved and they have to have multipul women at a time …sad little low lifes….help hope ur doing ok i no its hard but keep hanging in there,,,from one victum 2 another…ur worth so much more we all are remember that…stay strong !!!

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