J Bernil, Chicagoland

Okay, I wrote a long, oh but he such a good man note, and subsequent to my posting spoke to a few outsiders. So for my Bday, tomorrow, I thought I would give the gift of honesty. Justin Bernil, well, met him on a 911 call in Dallas Tx, where he was employed as an officer. He entered my home and truth be told, I wanted that. Officer Bernil, how hot is that, negotiated a deal, s*x 3 times a week no questions asked. He agreed, but I’m an attractive woman, I don’t see many men saying “NO”. FYI he seldom brought it and when he did… yawn. Justin was an odd entity, I often wonder and now believe I was a revenue stream, not sanctioned by the Dallas Police Dept, by by the man whom I was reporting in the 911 call. Justin always knew where was, knew of my phone conversations, knew of my thoughts and wants. I could never proof it, but I suspect Justin was reporting back to the guy I called about; a police officer who went to Europe, re-did his bathroom and traveled to Europe on a low salary, including his wives. This 911 man, subsequently was arrested for assault strangulation, but Justin needed a few dollars at the risk of a Dallas resident, i.e. me, whom he was f******. Can you imagine the line he was selling his wife, after I told her about our 2 year relationship. There is so much I can say, but here it is summarized; this fat, tramped stamped, small dicked, don’t know how to f***, selfish Tennessee hillbilly is a cheat and a liar, who doesn’t deserve your time of day Chicago. His dumber than nails wife believes his lies and doesn’t understand the gravity of his depervation. Justin will strike you as charismatic, which he is, but there is no substance, and if it is s*x you are looking for, it will not be good (small d*** and no understanding or lack of wanting to know how to please a woman) and it will be intermittent. As far as intelligence, he lacks or is emotionally limited. He would cry and say oh Kristin (his wife knows), how cumbersome. I threw him out of my home more times than I can count. Please understand this man is a man you f*** because you care, not because you are going to get off – I did care for him. What I have learned subsequent, is what a manipulative, b*****d he really is. His wife my falls for his b*******, but I will not. That man contacted me, that man proclaimed the emotional attachment he had to me, that man proclaimed how his wife was good for date night, steady supply. I bought the same lies he is feeding her- girls in Chicagoland, don’t be Justin Bernil’s victim. He plays the victim really well, he is not the victim, he is the predator. If you like to be maltreated, well than he is the man for you, but I recommend you gain self respect and let his wife suffer with this pathetic man, and no the s*x won’t get better. Justin is an angry man, who dislikes woman, it is all about his c******, not your – BYPASS, BYPASS, BYPASS. Let his stupid wife play the victim and deal with this poor excuse of a man…


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