Isabell Agumbah, Texas

For your own good, stay away from this animal. She is a pathological liar, serial cheat, and in my opinion based on her behavior, a sociopath. She has no integrity whatsoever and is extremely disrespectful, arrogant, manipulative and (fill in negative adjective). She lied to me about just about everything and cheated on me with Craig Hirsch of Garwood, NJ. She would tell a lie even if the truth sounded better. She tells several lies about the same incident, only admitting as much as you’ve already figured out but swearing each time that she is finally telling you the truth. If you don’t like the last lie, just wait a minute because another lie is on the way. She is a moron who nevertheless thinks she can outsmart everyone. She seems really sweet but she is the epitome of evil. She and Craig Hirsch lied to me and said they had never been romantically involved and were just friends. She left my house in the middle of the night to cheat with him because I refused to sleep with her after she had been very rude and disrespectful to me. She admitted to cheating with him once, but like I said, she only admits as much as you already know. I am certain it happened multiple times. I watched her daughter for over 12 hours a day, several times a week over a couple of months and pretty much did everything for her but she was lying to me and cheating on me the whole time. She has an incredible sense of entitlement and actually had the nerve to tell me that any man would have done the same. She had a problem with me talking to any of my female friends, exes or not, and said that she had to be with me if I went to see any of them. However, she used to make plans with Craig without even telling me about them and she expected me to be cool with it when I found out. She admitted to deleting several exes from my Facebook accounts. However, she kept in touch with several other exes whom she claimed were just friends as well. Whenever we got into a bad argument, she would start calling and/or texting her exes right in front of me. She cursed at me every time she got angry but got very upset if I cursed at her. Whenever I caught her in a lie (which was very often), she would try to make me feel stupid or crazy for even implying that she was lying. She thinks she is special and is entitled to do anything she wants but gets upset when someone does the same things to her or she even suspects that they are. She always feel justified, no matter how horrible her behavior but feels there’s no excuse for even minor things you do to her. For instance, she spent every night after she thought I was asleep checking my email, texts and Facebook messages, yet she got irate after I checked her emails after several months out of suspicion that she was lying to me and cheating on me. I found out from reading her emails that she has lied to and cheated on every boyfriend she has ever had. A friend of mine, whom I met after breaking up with this animal told me that she had told him that her biggest regret was not falsely accusing him of rape! I broke up with her because I was tired of her manipulation, deceit, disrespect, total lack of integrity and what at the time was a suspicion that she had cheated on me, though she later admitted that she had cheated on me. Not surprisingly she lied about the circumstances of our breakup. I found out from several mutual acquaintances that she had told people that I was a crazy and unstable drug addict and that I had broken her TV and window in anger because SHE had broken up with me.Lol. I had just broken up with her and she was begging me not to leave as she usually did when I wanted to leave her, apologizing one minute and lying to me in the next breath. I did break the TV and window and while it was wrong and illegal, it was in response to her continued attempts to manipulate and deceive me till the end. I paid a fine for this and had no further contact with her. Isabell however, continued to contact me despite my repeated pleadings and warnings not to. She would apologize to me one minute and threaten me and my family, including my daughter who was a minor the next minute. I had to change my phone number twice to get the calls to stop. She brought false harassment charges against me, claiming that I did all the things that she had been doing to me. She is (or at least was) an illegal alien and I believe she did this to get her Green Card under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). She had in fact told me that she was happy about the circumstances of our breakup because she “would get her papers because of it”. She would throw her own mother under the bus to get what she wants. Unfortunately, I had deleted all the emails and texts from her because I wanted absolutely nothing to remind me of the nightmare that is Isabell. I was able to recover some of the texts and still believe I could have proven Isabell for what she is, i.e., a liar and opportunist, but unfortunately I had to plead guilty to the harassment because I felt the judge, who was later charged with a felony and forced to resign, was biased. I just hope this is the end of the nightmare and I never have to hear from this animal again.


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