Misleading Information

I signed up for this service with the intention of determining dates and charges of some criminal charges from my past so that I can accurately disclose them on my job applications. When I typed in my information there were multiple listings with my name and various addresses that I have previously… lived at, I was only able to choose one, I chose one that matched my name and home address but the results were not accurate whatsoever. None of my criminal history came up, i was able to locate the records on a different website, so I know the information is available. I dont think I should have to pay for a service that is misleading and very inaccurate. I requested a refund of $14.95 directly from them and they denied my request, they offered me a free background check. I would like for my credit card to be refunded the amount charged by intelius which was $14.95 and I would hope that they do something to make the results more accurate in the future.


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