I am a husband hunter

I love traveling around Australia f****** other women’s husbands. I go to pubs and throw myself at married men. It’s rad to suck and f*** stupid married blokes.I make them spend their money and time on me, completely destroying their marriages, their reputations, sometimes their jobs, making their wives suicidal, and breaking up happy homes. It gets me off when I think of the wives at home crying, second guessing themselves, feeling s*** and confused as to where their husband is.I am in Tasmania doing just this right now.I love husbands that are into fit and into Metal as I am Turbojugend and use this club to meet and f*** husbands. They don’t give a s*** about their wives, like to drink and f*** the best I’ve found.Its great how I make them think they are the only one as I travel all over Australia doing this over and over. Every pub, every gig. Why not? They aren’t mine to worry about.I don’t care if I hurt them as they are doing the dirty anyway. Do they really think they are the only ones? Like I could ever love someone that f***s slags like me. Dickheads?I get off on them calling and texting me, giving me gifts, and making them believe I want them and only them. Every time I get a present from one of my blokes it makes me wet. I love what idiots they are, and when they are used up and sad I go back to the guys I f*** in NSW and my lads.Well this is all for this week I have to get back to destroying lives and being a W****.


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