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A Sociopath

A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused — it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways.

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USF Dr. Catherine Wilkins Cheats, Invents Lies About Going Into Debt Helping Cancer Patient – Submits on Scholarships

* * * Dr. Wilkins fabricates scholarship, commits adultery, uses an artist cancer patient to advance her college art career.

* * * Dr. Wilkins makes fake bald cap, and mentally abuses bald cancer patient.

* * * Dr. Wilkins psychologically damages cancer patient.

* * * Causes patient extreme mental anguish, and impedes proper treatment and recovery while patient is near death. Uses information gained to fabricate stories to promote herself.

* * * For her deceptions, receives credit and school recommendations. Now paradoxically teaches courses in Art, Mental Health, PTSD, and Medicine.

* * * USF Honors College, Tampa Art Museum, Morsani College of Medicine.

* * * USF Honors College Health Professions Students Impacted.

* * * Honors capstone course “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art”

* * * Courses are taught by an instructor that has frequently lied, falsified academic scholarships, escaped accountability, and engaged in adultery, sometimes with USF faculty.

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Dr. Catherine Wilkins lied and unethically used another person’s cancer to advance her college career.

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USF Honors College Professor Perpetrates then Covers-Up Double Life – Adultery, Scholarship Cheating, Abuses Cancer Patient to Work in Mental Health and Around Other Medical Patients

USF’s brightest students, world’s future leaders taught by dishonorable scholarship-cheating professor Dr. Wilkins.

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Dr. Catherine Wilkins created a fake bald cap, and tried to deceive a cancer patient. Professor Wilkins bought a skin-colored bald cap, cut off short pieces of her own hair, and then glued them to the bald cap. Dr. Wilkins then covered it with a red bandana and hat. USF Honors Instructor Dr. Wilkins falsely pretended she shaved her head. She wore this cruel fabrication in front of a cancer patient that recently was bald, that lost all of their own hair to ABVD chemotherapy. It was mental abuse perpetrated by Dr. Wilkins. Professor Wilkins then immorally used the cancer patient in more of her lies, in falsifying her school scholarships, and for college career advancement.

Ironically, Dr. Catherine Wilkins teaches classes in Mental Health, one as a popular USF Honors capstone course. Dr. Wilkins also teaches at the Morsani College of Medicine, and Tampa Museum of Art.

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