Heather Lively, Orting, Washington

This f*****g trailer park w***e has no respect for boundries. Shes a freak and will seriously try to steal your man! She did it to me! And she got herself a good ol a*s whoppin for it too. She had two children and i had none at the time. She lived at my boyfriends moms with her boyfriend and child in an rv. She would stare at my boyfriend constantly. I finally called them both out. Got nothing. Then i found the text messages. Found out thet had s*x wich ew. Look at this bitchs busted face. They did it more then once and it really broke my heart. Anyways, she pretty much used my boyfriend as someone who could make her feel good and get her out of her bad relationship. She has no self respect. This nasty s**t knew i was around knew me and my boyfriend had been going strong 2 years. She lived at his moms and used that to her advantage. When her own boyfriend wad off shooting up meth or something. Shes a waste of breath.


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