Heather Kesterson, Henrietta, North Carolina

Me and my husband of five years split up cause of drug use problems. Well in those short four months we both got involved with others but im that time we missed each other and our family.well he told Heather he was coming home so she went to charges on him to keep him under her command. She hacks his Facebook and his text messages. She works in a nursing home called harris home care where she shows up high off meth and pills that’s why she is going crazy an wont let him be with me and my daughter. She threats to have him in jail if he wont be with her. His family hates her as well as her family hates him. She rather chase him and dope than spend time with her own child. She won’t just go away. Be aware this aint the first time she became obsessed with someone else’s man. She is a lier a drug addict and user….her job should let her go on the fact she on so many drugs.


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