Heather Honcho or Heather Koth

This girl is an instagram and tweeter thot. I f****d with her goal digging a*s until I found out that her heart and p***y belongs to any trick willing to pay for it. Stay using any nig#a she can. F*****g with a nig*a named Rodney Jerome Combs dumb a*s right now. I hope that ni€ga is a firefighter cause that contaminated p***y shooting flames. Everything that look good ain’t good. That’s why I quit f*****g w*t her nasty a*s. So called career b***h that sell p***y on the side.


3 thoughts on “Heather Honcho or Heather Koth

  1. Yeah she goes out of town to turn tricks. This birch good a train ran on her at the Clevelander. Her as use to be flat them penicillin or as shots got that as fat. She got that s**t.

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