Gregory Jospeh Smith, Jenison, MI, USA

Firs, while I cannot prove he physically cheated on me, I know by his text on his phone he emotionally cheated before he ended our relationship. I have a special needs son, who has some of the same disabilities, Greg has, Greg is ADHD, and has curviture of the spin. My son has now been abandoned by four people. Tthis man took over $3500 of my money by way of items for his house. He did ask me to marry him, and these items were to be used in our new house and for my son. I would never buy anything for a man otherwise. He borrowed money from me to go kayaking with his buddies. Right out of our relationship he was immediately in another, that changed. April 23, 2015 I found him trolling on as kayaks2011, OurTime as ppaddlingriver. He is now in another relationship, his 3rd. He changes woman as fast as he changes his underwear. He has a daughter who he is afraid of, not kidding. I watched their interaction, and she treated him as if he was 13. I litterally say his nuts go up into his body talking to her. He told me his eldest son is not his, he married his past wife, and didn’t love her, but since she purposely got pregnant or was already by another man, he married her. Cheating with Kim Emaus. Kim texted Greg asking him to go to a game, Greg never told her no because of me and our relationship. Greg said he wanted to date Kim before, but she wouldn’t because they worked together. If you are in a relationship with Greg, first will come his adult, married daughter, then his two sons, then his other family members, then Greg, and you will be last.


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  1. This man confessed to me he cheated on his wife,then then he cheated on me. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He told me he was bored with his ex before he married her, got bored with me at the 2 year mark just like his ex wife. This man has a history of falling in and out of love quicker than changing his underwear. Catch at your own risk. If Jessica doesn’t like you are toast. Jessica will divorce Bob, and Greg with support Bob over Jessica, because he told me, she is just like her mother. A user.

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