Greg Moormann, Lynn Haven, Florida

Comes on like a somewhat religious true gentleman and is anything but. Tall, handsome and built like a g*d but is a venomous snake underneath it all. Extremely jealous and controlling with a temper that levels everything and everyone in its path. Big into revenge p**n and will create fake profiles on FaceBook and post naked pix of his girlfriends. Lives in Panama City but loves to date out of town women so that he can have two relationships going on at the same time. Lies about everyone and everything to build a lifestyle he can’t afford. Will lie until he’s busted then will react with a cruelty that will spin your head around and have you wondering if he’s truly human at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS USER AT ALL COSTS.


12 thoughts on “Greg Moormann, Lynn Haven, Florida

  1. This post came from a lying cheating woman named Kathryn Lorusso. When I caught her cheating on me and busted her she made up this story. It’s all lies.

  2. Wow! This is spot on, besides the fact he looks like g*d. He’s so consumed with himself that, Greg doesn’t even have time to spend with his own children. Of course, he portrays they’re his world, which is far from the truth. He portrays himself to be a Christian man, but he is the devil in disguise. If you’re the least bit interested in Greg, I beg you to google search his name and dig deep. He we lie, cheat, steal to benefit himself. Might want to check his credit too…he has none!

    1. All the posts are from Mandy Chesser, the Sister of the woman that I dumped. Please dig deep. If one does one will find that I was framed for battery of my crazy ex’s father and also charged with burglary of my own house when the police escorted me to my home and told me what I could take and then charged me with burglary. All charges were dismissed as was the temporary injunction for domestic violence because me then wife lied her a*s to get kicked out of my own home. As for my children, they are adults and I don’t live up their a*s as do most of the pathetic people of Bay County Fl do. I have my own life and am so glad to be rid of Devon Rudloff. She is an absolutely crazy individual. So please dig deep and one will uncover that crazy Devon did this same thing to a previous husband, David Stephenson. Or Stevens, I can’t remember which. Just search the cases that Devon was involved in in Hillsborough Co Fl.
      This is one crazy family……BEWARE!!!!!!
      Any and all negative comments on here are from Mandi Chesser no matter what the name states.
      As for naked pics of girlfriends on Facebook… Untrue. I did post a picture of the a*s of Kathryn Lorusso on her page after I caught her cheating. Have never posted a pic of anyone else not even the crazy b***h that I divorced, Devon Rudloff.
      Oh, I was married to Tina Sanders for 15 years and never cheated on her and have never cheated on anyone. I did have a girlfriend while separated from the Assitant Vice President of Human Resources of Chespeake Utilities, Devon Rudloff. Even though I would not have s*x with her during the end of our marriage, because she was just repulsive, I still did not have relations with anyone until divorce proceedings had already begun.
      And Mandi, only a classless b***h would bring up my children. Oh, but that is you isn’t it? A classless white trash ignorant resident of one of the poorest and socially deprived counties in Fl.

    2. Mandi my children are far from my world. They are adults and I have my own life as do they. Greatly appreciate y’all acknowledging my hard work and dedication. That must be why I am one of the top 50+ male physique competitors in the U S. 6-0 and still going.

  3. I’ll try not to use big words…You are a pathetic ignorant hillbilly and always will be…y’all. I’m shocked you’re able to write more than two sentences. All you have is your muscles. Under it you’re an empty, shallow arrogant a**hole. You are all about lies. I feel sorry for any woman who dates you because they won’t know what a piece of sh*t you truly are. One day your muscles will be gone and you’ll be left with nothing.

    1. The pricked dog does howl.
      Mandi, I consider it a huge compliment that you use your spare time to tend to my business.
      Provide facts, names, verifiable references to any and all allegations… just one …. can’t do it because there are none

    2. Lies would be everything you have stated just like the fictitious profile that you use on FB, Casey Phillips. Casey Phillips has not one friend and only one post and it’s a link to my court records. Mandi I am do glad that you post the link now it’s easy for all to see who lies because every allegation that you and your crazy family made against me were dismissed. I am not guilty of one thing that you have accused me of. Thank you do much for providing that information. So I killed a bird 20 years ago and kept a couple of fish to eat during a closed season. What a f*****g joke the Rudloff and Chesser families are.

  4. You are a criminal and a liar, arrested for domestic violence, battery, burglary and twice for violating a protective order. Only in your delusional mind are you “good” person. You are a maniac and a menace to any woman you meet.

    1. More lies by Mandi Chesser. I was never arrested for domestic violence. Her crazy sister, Devon Rudloff, Vice President of Human Resources for Chesapeake Utilities commuted several counts of perjury when she accused me of domestic violence, just the same as she did her previous husband in Hillsborough County Florida. In both cases the allegations were dismissed. There is a pattern here. The crazy Devon Rudloff accuses husbands of wrong doing when they live with her and find out how crazy she is.

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