Giselle Almonte, Conyers, Georgia

Let’s start with a little history. I was with my girlfriend for going on 2 years. When I met her, I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter. She said she would step up as the other parent and so she did. Things were good. We had a little family together. My daughter called me Mommy, she called my ex, (we will refer to her as M) Mama. That’s all my daughter knew from the time she was born. My ex, M, her ex was Giselle Almonte and she lived in Puerto Rico. We had previous run ins with her because Giselle had a son that M also referred to as a child of hers. So she tried to keep that son in her life as much as she could. M was sneaky. At first she would talk to her and tell me it was all about the son. Then I would catch her talking about other things. Inappropriate things. When I would call her out on it, she would apologize, blah blah blah, the whole, “D**n I’m busted, let me make this good,” speal. Well apparently she wasn’t going to be speaking to this tramp anymore. Should of known that was BS! Mind you, I was the one working full time while she stayed home with my daughter. One day, in October after me and M got our very first apartment together, not even a week later, I felt like something just wasn’t right with her. She was in the National Guard and had drill the previous weekend and barely spoke to me while gone, which wasn’t the norm. So anyway, felt something was off the week after she got back. I decided to use reverse psychology on M to find out what was really going on. I told her I knew she was still talking to Giselle and that the reason she didn’t speak to me while away was because she was on the phone with that b***h. I continued a little further and come to find out, everything I was saying happened to be the exact truth! She confessed, FINALLY! Of course, I was hurt, she begged with me again for awhile and I wanted to still be with her. (BOY WAS I DUMB!!) lol Anyway. I told her to delete the b*****s number out of her phone and she apparently did. Until 2 days later I found out she didn’t and she was still speaking to her. I was supposed to be taking a trip to GA to see my best friend of 5 years and she was originally supposed to go with me. I ended up going alone. While in GA, no one could get in touch with M. It was like she fell off the face of the earth. I did a lot of research and found out that M had jumped on a plane and flew to Puerto Rico for 2 days and tried to make it back before I returned from Georgia. At this point, our relationship was over. But she didn’t want me to know she did this because she wanted me as a safety net just incase this home wrecking w***e flaked on her. (AGAIN!) A little history and a bio on Giselle Almonte. She’s a liar and a cheat. She will say anything for attention I’ve learned! Apparently, the son she has was the product of her being “raped.” But let me ask you something…? Who marries the person that “raped” them? Yes, when her and M split the first time, she ran off and married the same guy she claimed raped her. Lol! Anyway, OBVIOUSLY, M and I are no longer together. She is with Giselle Almonte again and apparently engaged. What I find funny, is none of her family knows she is with a female. Especially her child’s father (the “rapist”) I’m hoping he gets to find out what she says about him. OH! And her family also thinks she is still married to him. Lol!
Me? Happy ending! I am in a great relationship with a woman who is established, honest and very loyal! In a way, I thank Giselle for exposing the monster I was in a relationship with. For leading me to the true relationship I know I deserve! Karma was good to me, because I have always been good to it no matter who or what has been thrown my way. I want this chick exposed for the liar and home wrecker that she is! Obviously, if the relationship between M and I was not unbreakable, it wouldn’t have been broken. They both are scum! They both deserve eachother! And honestly, nothing good will come of that relationship. Giselle Almonte is an OBVIOUS known liar and so is M. I hope Giselle gets all the bad karma that she is long overdue for. And Giselle, if you ever see this, which I really hope you do…. I’m happy for you! You got the exact SCUM you deserve. Your lies will soon be exposed. So watch your back. Because you messed with the wrong one! You not only put me in a extremely messed up position, but you put my daughter out there too. I hope your attention seeking a*s gets everything you deserve, you home wrecking piece of trash! And I will be sending this link to your sons father! Hope you’re sorry you ever messed with me!


3 thoughts on “Giselle Almonte, Conyers, Georgia

  1. My name is Malia Siangco and I’m the ‘M’ in this story. For those whom I feel sorry wasted there time reading that rediculous nonsense, im sure you already figured out that Geraldine is still a child. Also, please note that I broke up with her before getting back together with my current. She’s also left out a several important facts which is as follows:
    1. I told her I fell out of live with her bc she stopped caring for our daughter. She relied on everyone else
    2. She did nothing but use people
    3. She put hands on me over a conversation about a d**n phone
    4. Even after I broke up with her, she begged to be my side chick.
    Oh! And to add, if she’s so happy, why is My name and my wife’s name still popping up on sites like these. You married your best friend who was originally baby girl’s godmom! Be f****** happy and move on! Your wife is amazing to you and for you. Grow the f*** up Geraldine Faye (Paris) Hurst!

    All this bullshit is making you look even more psychotic and pathetic. Jeri, go and be happy with your wife. She d**n good for you and good to you. Move the f**k on already!

  2. @ Giselle Almonte, you look beautiful in this picture baby, mami loves you…all this…. Very immature…Geraldine, what is your purpose, what do you get out of this, things not always work the way we want, insults won’t do anything, be happy, move on, G*d bless you

  3. This is a psychotic (medicated) ex at its finest. Its been 1 year and you are still hurting over the lost of your ex because of your own actions. You messed the relationship up all on your own before I even came into the picture. You have not have the pleasure of meeting me, but your rendition of how things happened is very comical. You don’t know me or my life story so don’t pretend to or act like a victim here, or you forgot how your broke a MARRIAGE to be with your current wife. Get over it…..aren’t you tired Geraldine (Jeri) Paris?….you have been harassing me for a year with crazy text and voice messages and supposedly found your true love SMDH. why you still thinking about us? Be happy and enjoy life, and “IF” Karma is going to get me as you say….I will be sitting with a bag of popcorn waiting for it to talk stories 🙂

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