George Hudson, Texas

This guy is a real peace of work. The worse type of man ever. He gets women to fall in live with him just so he can break their heart. What type of coldhearted man does this to women. So beware because he will woo you, say all the right things, do the right things, meet your family and promise a future together. Then all of a sudden you will get a text saying its over. He wont answer your calls or text and you are left wondering what in the world happened. It happened to me and I had no answers until websites like these which gave me some insight and closure. I was devastated to find that I had been played by a cheater and a liar. We as women go through enough as it is but for there to be parasites who feed off of good women and leave them broken hearted and defeated is so wrong. One day he is going to meet the wrong one and he will get what’s coming to him. So ladies be careful and run the other way if you meet this guy.


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