George Brad, Franklin Court, Placerville

George Brad Franklin placerville narcissistic cheater and man w***e beware. This man, Brad Franklin of placerville, ca is the true definition of a scum bag cheater. And it doesn’t matter to him who he hurts or knowingly gives herpes to, yes he has them. He has spent the last 5 years notoriously cheating time after time again on his now ex girlfriend whom he would beat the s**t out of her if she confronted him about is deceiving ways . He has also recently destroyed a 25 year friendship because his best friends son said Brad comes over when you’re not home and him and mommy go in the room with the door shut and then mommy makes loud noises!!! Best advice is, this dude is a piece of distrustful trash that belongs far away from anything with a heart and feelings. You simply will not come out sane … Run now


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