Gene J Kautzman CA and WA

I met Gene through an online dating site. Other than his excessive drinking on the job and after work, he seemed like an ok guy. He claimed to own a cattle ranch in ND and a hunting lodge in WA but I never saw proof of any of it. He travels throughout the west for Wilsin Construction in a very fancy RV pulled by a very expensive Ford truck. A few months into the relationship I found his wife on Facebook. There was a very loving picture of the two of them. When I confronted him he said he truly was divorced and she won’t let go. But when you call his house number the voicemail says you have reached Gene and Rachelle leave a message. He tried for the next few months to convince me that we were good and things woukd work out. I finally decided to get out after paying for a background check that showed 3 bankruptcies and multiple DUI’s


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