Gary Michael Waddell Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia

This guy is Gary Waddell. He is in his 50’s and lives between Batemans Bay and Penrith in Sydney.

I was with this person for a period of time and be warned.

He did the following things to be while we were together:
– Cheated on me with men and women.
– Hid cameras in places and took inappropriate photos of me and then uploaded them to the internet.
– Filmed me being intimate with him and put it up on the internet.
– Took photos of my friends and photo shopped their faces onto pornographic photographs and uploaded them to the internet.
– Took photos of young girls from age 9 and saved them on the computer and then uploaded them to the internet.
– Was arrested and accused of rape and other sexually inappropriate sexual behaviour towards women on 3 different occasions by police.
– Was sacked from three jobs due to sexual behaviour and was investigated several times in his current job.
– Took photos and videos of people staying in our house through hidden cameras.

This is just the start of what I went through.

He works for Max Employment at Batemans Bay and has had s*x with a 17 year old girl who works there as well as other clients.

When he comes to Sydney he stays at a home in Cranebrook where he had s*x with the woman who lives there while her husband is also there and doesn’t know what is going on. Unfortunately I worry for the safety of her two young daughter’s but she will not listen to me regarding my concerns.

I beg you to stay clear of this man. He is charming, he will tell you everything you want to hear and he will make himself out to be the biggest victim of life however he has done this to so many women and also likes to use women for their financial value as well.

There is nothing I can do about the photos he has uploaded but please girls, do not let this man take photos of you! My issue is currently in the hands of police. If there is anyone else who knows this man or if he has done similar things to you, please go to the police.


4 thoughts on “Gary Michael Waddell Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia

  1. Wow what a freak! Someone needs to report his tree jumping a*s to the police. Makes me want to not let my daughters out of my sight!

  2. This entry is a malicious fabrication placed by a person who is now the subject of legal action. Any persons placing similar comments on this page will also have legal action brought against them.

  3. After some reflection I feel I need to retract the original post I placed on this site. I tried to get it removed but can’t. I am the person who put this on this site and it was done during a moment of anger over unrelated issues. I didn’t know at the time that it couldn’t be removed. I just wish to say these allegations are false and I hope that anyone who reads them does not think any of it is true. I wish Gary no ill will and I have moved on with my life. I apologise if there has been any repercussions from this either socially or professionally. I know this was the wrong thing to do and hope that anyone who reads this realises this is not true. The second comment by “lind” isn’t mine, but I know who wrote it and it is untrue as well. Thanks.

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