Gary Leather, Bristol, United Kingdom

LADIES BEWARE of a smooth talking, registered s*x offender who meets girls on social networking and dating sites, while having multiple relationships with different women at the same time. I was with him almost a year before I received a call that he was cheating, and had been with a girl for nine months , and on top of that she was calling me cause she showed up at his house and he wasn’t there at 2 am! she ransacked his computer, found disgusting pics of nude women, many very obese , and a huge list of women on all his im services. She admitted to me that she had busted him cheating on her with three girls from the internet, one he just had a fling and never spoke to again, one he had seen a few times and kept the relationship going, and another who he had stopped talking to just a month before. the worst part is that he lead more than a double life, made sure to keep his women in different zip codes to prevent being caught. He was an honestly normal seeming man, he had a good business , was attentive and caring…i know he is continuing his missions, and i feel so bad nothing can be done to keep him away from more innocent women.


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