Gary jr. Duverglas, Jamaica, Queens New York

He’s very good at making you feel like the only one on a list of many. Real smooth talker. He has a way of asking for your time and money without you feeling forced to give it to him. Using his unhealthy situation with his daughters mother and her family as his key story. We dated for some time and fell in love before I found out he had an s**. I truly loved him but I would’ve left….. I felt as if I couldn’t be with anyone else now that I’m stuck with this s** for the rest of my life so I stayed. I got pregnant and lost the baby. I could tell then that our relationship wasn’t what I thought. Gary still to this day claims he loves me and in his misconstrued perception of love maybe it’s true. In my book knowingly giving someone h*****, dangling love in front of their heart, using them is NOT LOVE! He will talk as if he does for himself and buy you little…and I do mean little things hear and there making it seem like he’s doing so much but once he’s done with you you’ll look back and see that you were Robbed. He has to find someone else before he can move on from his current relationship.


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