Gary Barber — Chicago, Illinois

He was a good kisser and seemed very sure and knowing of how to use his hands on a girl {wow!}. He also had no problems getting me off. That, with some things he said over time seemed like he was playing gay and going to these clubs to get straight girls. I started to fall for him knowing in my mind {I thought} that he was mostly gay and this wouldn’t last long and I was o.k. with that. However, it didn’t take long for him to ‘cheat’ but what floored me was that it was with at least 2 other women! This guy has no shame and asked me what my problem was. He does play safe and all, but what good is safe when the guy is still s******g anything that moves and flirts just because he can. A Loser, that’s who, ladies please do not fall for this ‘gay’ loser, he will break your heart even if you believe like me that you can handle it.


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