gaetano(guy) scarlata smithville,ms lee county usa.

He goes by guy a smooth talker con man he doesn’t want relationship just s*x .he thinks all women want him.he does not know how to be faithful. He lies cheats and steals.he doesn’t care how old u are.he has pervert ways. Watch your daughters. Was been investigated talking and going to meet minors. Guy Nevers tells the truth. He wants u to support him,says he will take care of u but its a lie. Every woman he sleeps with he says are friends. He will give u asob story of how bad his life is. Tries to make women feel sorry for him. When he gets mad he throws a fit he will throw cups of coffee and anything he’s drinking at the walls.breaks things glasses,TV,computer s windows.he has no regard for your stuff. He wants u to clean up after him.most time he smells. Guy drinks,smokes and does drugs. NEVER TRUST Him. He can be violent. He lives in Michigan and Fla with a woman.travels to Mississippi


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