Freddie Tennell, Romulus, Michigan

Had a two year relationship with a man I met at work while he was doing consulting work for my company on site. NEVER told me once that he was currently married and getting ready to have a baby where he was a permanent resident. Told me he had been previously married and had a one child another lie because he had two with one on the way. His wife called me one day out of the blue after snooping in his phone and finding my number and called me all kinds of names. With her screaming in the background he called me and said it was all true he was married and had a newborn. After they separated like a dummy I took him back, big mistake! Turns out he had cheated on his second wife while she was fighting cancer; he could not attend her funeral because her wishes were that she did not want him there. The current wife has called and sent me harassing text messages for months since he promised he would make things right. Now he thinks I was wrong for responding to one text message, really. On top of that he now says my character is in question when he is the one with a pattern of being unfaithful. This is the worst kind of man and human being, he thinks that everyone else has faults and should be accountable but he is special and whomever he hurts should just take it and move on….

Enough is Enough!


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