Flozell Jootin Adams 5/18/75 5304 Prince Lane Flower Mound, Texas 773.459.7831

Flozell Adams has been cheating on his wife, his kids he not in their life, he pay the bills & things, but, a absent parent to all his children! He’s a former NFL player that tells all white chicks their the one and then he finds another and another! He always at the bar buying drinks to get you to relax and then he goes in like Darren Sharper and take the p***y and to be 6’7 338lbs he has a little d**k and he to lazy to eat p***y and he always talking about his knees hurt so he can’t get on his knees. When he out of town at MSU Spartan Football games, he s out tricking chasing fat white b*****s of all sizes! He dating a former friend Calina Dee Sparrer Francis they met at party last year and they both ain’t s**t! Behind the back back stabbers! She’ll talk nice in your face and f**k your man! She gotten drunk and asked a girlfriend boyfriend to drive home cause she was drunk and took
Him home and f****d her girls man. She been doing it for years. Aveion Cason introduce me to the b***h at a pool party and I f****d in 2 days! Like I sure Flozell did also! If I had it my way! I love to catch both of these snitch a*s b*****s and let them both get what’s coming to them! Calina, you have a warrant for your arrest and stop chasing n****s cause they got 8million and that won’t save your a*s from the sabotage you started! Flozell Joottin Adams “Rachel Adams Rolling in her grave knowing your not a father to children born in your blood! You continue chasing while trash you can have the devil! I pray you marry the b***h and your life will turn to h**l and you both die broke.
Ladies, don’t ask for this fat MF autograph! Stay far away from this big foot womanizer! Ladies a trick will
Always be a trick in your city or others.
But, if your out and need somebody to buy all the drinks
Call him at 773.459.7831 @Flowmaster
He live in 18th Hole Estate at 5304 Prince Lane Flower Mound, Texas
Green Light for Snitches when them boys run up on y’all! Happy Birthday b***h on Dec 9th! Might be your both last day together!!!!


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