Felicia Selby, Grand Junction, Colorado

My boyfriend had gone to jail and ended up at Alternative Sentencing Unit. Which was nice because I got to see him in person rather than just a computer screen and I got to bring both of our children to see him too. Anyways, when he got out things seemed to be going fine. Then, I caught him messaging a girl and when I asked who it was he tried deleting the messages like I didn’t just see them. A few days later we decided to work things out but only on one condition. I got to go through his phone. Well there she was. He tried telling me til he was blue in the face that he met her in work release (asu) and that they haven’t seen each other since and that they were just friends. I was being a smart a*s and was saying how she’s probably in there for selling herself and he finally got mad and told me that she WORKS THERE! She works at ASU and is hooking up with inmates! Disgusting woman! He was “just venting” to her about me. But I’m not stupid I read ALL of the messages. They had gone and got ice cream and in one of his messages to her he said “what would you have done it I kissed you.” So ding ding, not just friends. I told him he needed to drop her or lose me because I won’t be a second choice. A few days later I found out I was pregnant. Great timing huh. Well he had his phone sitting on the bed and a text popped up saying “how are you I miss you.” I instantly got p****d. Told him he needed to choose now or I’ll choose for him so he said he just won’t reply to her. That wasn’t good enough. I decided to add her number into his phone so I could block her from calling or texting. I texted her off my phone letting her know that he was in a relationship and that I was pregnant with his baby. And that she should have known we were together because I was there EVERY week with my kids! She saw me!!! She texted back saying she didn’t know and that we won’t hear from her again bla bla bla. About a week later I saw messages that were half deleted from her and We fought about her for a few hours before he finally said he’ll text her and tell her we were trying to make things work and that she needed to leave him alone. Again, I’m not freaking stupid so I clicked on the info on the text messages to look at the number and he changed it so it wasn’t sending to her!! Finally he sent it to the right number. Fast forward a few weeks. They’re friends on facebook and he has her number in his phone unblocked! I want to believe he can be faithful and I’m giving him another chance, but I will let everyone know what a disgusting excuse for a woman Felicia selby is!!!


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