Felecia Nichole Voss, Linn, Missouri

I first met Keeton Collins who I thought must be true love. We dated for a year and a half. The first year was amazing with several ups and downs. His moms side of the family were absolutely disgusting human beings too me and my family. They were always on drugs or drunk. His mom Tharisica Crofoot even got so drunk she pushed her daughter Brianna Collins through a glass door! Once my mom found this out(me being only 17) I lived with my mom, well she told him he could live with us. Keeton told us he was scared of his family and he didn’t want anything to do with them that they were psychos. Keeton lived with me and my family for 8 whole months. His mom some how managed to find out our numbers and call me every name in the book. Once she even saw me out and threatened me telling me I wouldn’t be 17 for long! She would get me! Well, a year into our relationship Keeton started acting differently a complete mood change he began making subtle hints he didn’t love me anymore then from them it just got worse he told me he hated me he wanted to burn my clothes he even punched me being an idiot! We moved into a house together I didn’t even live there three months before I found out he cheated on me with two girls one Felecia Voss, and Tabatha Horan. Both from Linn Missouri in our house! Everything in that house was mine he tried to say it was all his but the police knew otherwise. I’m still left hurt and betrayed don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust again. Keeton works for algoa corrections but is so unfit seeing as he has anger issues and doesn’t know how to be a decent human being. Felecia now already lives with Keeton in our house! She tried to steal my stuff and sell it online. They are disgusting and as far as I see deserve each other. They’re moving too Columbia, Missouri. She will be going to Mizzou!


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