Federated Financial Services – Services Changed With Out Notification

Services changed with out notification and approval i enrolled in a program for loan consolidation. I was asked to supply the amount owed at current time and I did. I signed documents stating a certain amount that was to be paid, and when the end of it would be. A little over half way thru the process I added in a final loan, and signed documents adding the amount to the current payment amount. I was under the assumption per all emails and documents between myself and the company that I would be making final payment 3/19/16. At that point I was told that it would be another 4.1 months to pay all acct’s off. When I emailed them my concern and wanting an explanation of why this was going take longer, I was dumb founded. Their responese “We have to go according with the guidelines and balances creditors provide with accepted proposals; we do not dispute balances with creditors if it is different between your information and creditors information.” So they changed the amounts for whatever reason, yet no one bothered to inform me of this, and all documents and emails I had show nothing to reflect any of these changes. I went to this company for help, and in the long run, feel like I taken advantage of. I have now made final payment to them as per my contract and email chain, yet according to them still owe money, and feel backed into a corner. Their second response made it even worse “Although this is a voluntary program, if you decide to cancel the program, accounts will default and benefits will be removed (late fees waived, APR will be set back as when credit line was opened before entering the program), accounts are currently set up in the Debt Management Program with a 0% APR.” Basically bullying me into paying what they say I owe, which was not in our contract, or i could be in the same position I was in before sending enrolling in their program. To date I have paid at least $4500 to them and according to my contract and emails I should have been done.


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