FaceBook – Cheating Husband

I joined facebook on suggestions from friends at work and asked my husband to join and friend me, we had been married for 11 years at the time, he did’nt seem interested.

I later found out that he had a facebook page and reconnected with an old 7th grade girlfriend in Florida while we were living in Indianapolis.

Before I found out about his X girlfriend he made a trip to Florida in October of last year to go to his high school reunion which he insisted I did’nt go because only his guy friends would be there, of course the red flags were going off like crazy and I knew something was up at that point. He had distanced himself from me in many ways and every time I would try to discuss my feelings and concerns he would deni all of my suspicions.

When he left for Florida, I was heartbroken. I knew something was very wrong. He left at the end of Oct for 5 days and while he was driving back home he told me on the phone that he wanted a divorce still denying that there was someone else.. He said he had been unhappy for quite some time.

We sold our house and the divorce was final 3/10, in 5 months we divorced, he retired from his government job of 25 years and moved to Florida to be with his 7th grade girlfriend and now married since September 11th…this is his 4th marriage.

I found out that while he was flirting with his 7th grade girlfriend on FaceBook he had been having an affair with a mutual friend of ours for the past 6 months that worked for the same company as I did. I soon realized that I did’nt know this man at all.

His new wife also knew about his affair with our friend and married him anyway… amazing!

Last year was the worst year of my life, the betrayal from someone I thought I knew trusted and loved is beyond comprehension.

It will take me a long time to trust again.


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