Fabian Gonzalez, Spring, Texas

Fabian may be easy on the eyes, but don’t let that discourage you. He doesn’t have ANY emotions, he’ll use you and not feel guilty about it. Once he gets his sexual pleasures from you, you’re history. He’s also a REALLY good actor, he can fake cry so you can put pity on him, don’t let that moron trick you. He’s a worthless piece of s**t. He told afterwards he doesn’t want to ever have an actual relationship with anyone, THANKS for the heads up on that. He also is uncircumcised! And his d**k smells awful, somebody please tell him to wash that. And he will only end a relationship through a text, instead of calling or doing it face to face. ALSO, he’s a drug dealer, he doesn’t care about anything us but his drugs. He never spent his money on me with the money he was making. I’d always cook and give him anything he wanted. This guy is a heartless b*****d that should be vanished forever. facebook.com/fabiang3 feel free to visit him.


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