Evelyn Marie Taylor, Anaheim, California

I was with Evelyn Marie Taylor for 8 years, and I introduced her to a friend of mine visiting California that I’ve known for 20 years. It took her 2 weeks to start sleeping with him behind my back, but I didn’t know what was going on until two months later. Despite him having a girlfriend back home and several on the side she slept with him anyway, and started treating me like c**p and didn’t tell me why. I showed up at her place with flowers just to talk and see exactly what I did and before I knew it the police pulled up and asked me to leave. Turns out I didn’t do anything wrong and she had that backstabbing jerk in her place at the time and decided to call the cops on a man armed with flowers. It’s only been three months and since then he’s moved to California, lives with her now and she’s calling him her boyfriend and says she loves him to her family and friends. She’s now with a guy who was married for ten years and had 2 kids, and his ex wife left him and married his best friend. I can see why he has no boundaries but I never would have expected Evelyn to cross that line and start sleeping with and dating a friend, or ex friend now. Both of them are scandalous and back stabbing jerks! Avoid Evelyn Marie Taylor because she has no morals, respect or boundaries! I just hope she knows that Karma is only a b***h when you are!


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