Evelyn Atchley, Boise, Idaho

I met Evelyn at a desperate time in her life. She presented a a helpless single female. My fault was not seeing it for what it was. She needed help with some things in her life, that having ties to law enforcement, I could help out. When it was apparent that out relationship was a friend one, or so I thought, she flipped out. I was moving to another state for work, she wanted me to take her a save her from her miserable life. When I didn’t, there was h**l to pay. She posted negative stuff about me on the internet 4 years ago!. She has taken advantage of other females who truly have been wronged, and used them as a platform for her own personal agenda to play out the victim theme in her life. I will be posting a picture soon. She is addicted ecstasy. She accuses me of being alcoholic. I am and have been sober 8 years. Its called a program Evelyn…you should try it sometime. I apologize it has come to this……BUT, you taught me how to do it.


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