Ethan Snyder, Minnesota

This has to be one of the most deplorable human beings I have ever had the misfortune to meet. He is a full-blown sociopath, and he doesn’t try to hide it. He stalks and harasses people, using digital media to hurt his victims. He takes photographs and videos of his victims, and uses them for leverage later on. Case in point: his mother’s name is Wendy Snyder, and during a recent relapse that she had with alcohol, he took pictures of her after she had soiled herself while she was incapacitated. She had it running down her leg, it was everywhere. He later showed these pictures to the family, which is some of the most foul behavior I have ever heard of. He showed his little brother the photos, a boy of just 16 years old. It’s sick. He also composes hateful music, directed toward his mother, and it’s about his “sad childhood.” See, Ethan has victim-mentality. Poor, poor Ethan. Then he “forces” her to his ugly music. Though this does hurt her terribly, she works with him hand-in-hand as he harasses and stalks innocent people. She is his accomplice, and she is his. She is a s****t and she enjoys the sick relationship that they have. They are some of the worst people I have ever known.

The day will come that we see his picture on the news, after he has killed someone. He is a murderer, he just hasn’t done it yet. Or, the day will come that he harasses the wrong person, and he gets hurt himself. He is a predator. He enjoys hurting people who are weaker than him physically, or shorter than him; in particular women. He is a full-blown, school-yard bully, and he will always be this way. This will never change. He is a narcissist in every sense of the word. If you have not yet learned about narcissism, I emplore you to look it up. You will save yourself a lot of trouble as you are dating. So many men, and women, are this way. Many of them are in prison right now. And many are out there, ruining lives as I type this.

Ethan Snyder is a financial dimwit. He isn’t smart with what little money he makes at a local smoke shop. When he runs out of money-he goes to his mom for money and she caves, even though she has an agreement with his father that they will not give him money anymore. But His mom caves, because she enjoys having him do all of her dirty, nasty work. His mother, Wendy Snyder, is a drug addict who gets her meth from a man named Jim. She is a daily user. Of course, she lies to Ethan about this, and he blames the entire world for his mom’s problems-as well as blaming her and treating her like an animal. He treats everyone like an animal, that’s just what he does.

Wendy Snyder is a weak person, who caves and cowers to her piece of s*** son, when what she needs to do is get a restraining order. He is a worthless human being, and I say this very rarely, however it is true that the world would be better off without him. He does absolutely nothing and contributes nothing to society, his friends (if he has any), or his family. He is a waste of life. I’m sorry, like I said, that is something I rarely say. And it’s true. The world would, and WILL BE better off once he finally does something so vile and evil that he’s locked up forever. I’m sorry to say, it’s coming.

I hope that by posting this, I have saved someone’s life. G*d bless.


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