Ethan Chumley, Shreveport, Louisiana

Ethan Chumley is a sociopath. He comes across as a flirtatious , sincere, and down to earth guy. But he lies all the time. He had 2 girlfriends fooled for 2.5 months. At the same time – professing his love to both. He is an alcoholic. He used to be an addict. He is bisexual, and goes with men if he is wasted. ( feminine men). He makes you think you are the only one for him and he loves you, but not sure if he knows how to love or what love is. He cries and fights for you, until he is caught. then he gets angry, vivacious, and down right mean. He doesn’t care who he hurts, what he does. He is a narcissistic antisocial person. Watch out. He has several dui’s, he was on a man hunt car chase with the cops for 8 hours, he was a thief, etc…. In his past…. Beware.


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