Erricka Ginnylynn roemer Rochester,ny. U.s

She’s a bipolar nutjob, with paranoid schizophrenia tendencies (clinically diagnosed) who dont take medications…drug abuser weed, cocaine , pills, acid, you name it… She’s a chameleon who will morph into whatever social setting or person she is dating,hanging out etc… She gets personal joy out of humilating, dehumanizing men emotionally, physically and sexually(sodomy) … She will do or say anything to protect her image online and offline…


3 thoughts on “Erricka Ginnylynn roemer Rochester,ny. U.s

    1. Woman is pure evil and white trash…not to mention bipolar sociopath… No soul in the eyes…multiple personalities..

  1. She is also a homewrecker! Goes after men that are in relationships and continues to hound them when they turn her down. She is a manipulating w***e that ruins lives

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