Ernest Printzen Aliso Viejo, CA USA

Ernest is a predator. His online profiles are a fraud. He presents himself as a millionaire, polo player, athlete and sophisticated man looking for love. The truth is has filed bankruptcy, has 3 children by 2 different women, is often in $100,000 in debt. He plays polo only on occasion and isn’t even a rated player (meaning he sucks.) He never went to college. He travels extensively for work and hooks up with different women for one night stands. He trolls millionaire, tinder eye and uses women for s*x, money, and narcissistic supply. He has two personalities and flips from Dr Jekell to Mr Hyde in a moments notice. He is very cruel when upset. He is a control freak. His ex-wife left him because he was so critical and awful. She then married her ex-boyfriend and saved their two kids by moving them to a different state. He has a third child by his ex-girlfriend in a third state. He is full of rage and treats women horribly. He will never be faithful to a woman. Beware: he lives in the OC but travels to Vegas, San Fran, Sacramento, San Dieho, and other cities in the west.


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