Erica Garduza, Brownsville, Texas

Okay, so this post is long overdue. I met my husband in 2005 on a dating site. We hit it off great. We had a fun and outgoing relationship. In March of 2007, I found out that our tireless efforts of trying to conceive had paid off, I was pregnant. Everything was great! We had a normal relationship, arguments here and there but we never had to deal with infidelity or lies. When my son was 10 months, we found out we were expecting our second child. As my second pregnancy progressed, I started noticing that my husband began to distant himself from me. Since our relationship had been good, I never suspected anything major. I just figured it was stress from work. When I was about 7 months pregnant I received a message through social media, MySpace, from a girl by the name of Connie Reyes. She claimed to had been seeing my husband and that she was currently pregnant and due the same time as me. Of course, I was in shock and in denial because this woman lived 6 hours away and a trip like that wouldn’t be able to be unnoticed.

I blocked this girl right away and confronted my husband. When I asked about her, it’s as though he felt relieved. He didn’t deny her and had actually told me more than I ever knew. He first began seeing this girlyears before when I was about 6/7 months pregnant. He said he never had an actual “relationship” with her, and that it was all s*x driven. That day, I went crazy. I couldn’t believe that a man that I had given so much of my life to could cause such pain and ruin a family that we had tried so hard to create. That same day I went into labor(2 months early)and had to have an emergency c section. Long story short, we were able to work through this issue and ended up getting pregnant when my second child was 3 months. Time went by and our relationship was great again and I had just given birth to our 3rd child. A year after the birth of my 3rd child, we separated. We lost my youngest when she was 8 months old and we were grieving in different ways. Our relationship began to fade not so much from the loss but everything from the past, everything he had done to me, began to come out. Time has passed and when we separated we always agreed to be there for our children. For 4 years, since of separation, we have been excellent at Co-parenting. 3 years after we divorced, he started seeing the woman who had years ago ruined our marriage….. And I was fine with it. The kids go over there when he can pick them up (we now live 4hrs from each). Or if I can take them over there I will make drive…. So you’re probably wondering the reason for this post…

Well up until a year ago, which is a year that Connie and my ex husband have been dating, she started to tell my children things about me and my current husband. Things that are for one, not true and second, no child should even know. She is constantly stalking my social media, making fake social media accounts with my pictures and my name, calling my kids names, threatening my kids and me, and not even feeding my children when their father is at work and they are in her care. My kids have recorded her on their cellphones, saying things about me and my husband. And making me seem like I’m the bad person. She is a psycho, that has no disregard for my children. I really feel as though she hates me so much that she will “get back” at me through them. I have recently taken him to court, which he didn’t even attend, and the judge ha changed the agreement to supervised visits for him and added a no contact order against her for my children. My ex has yet to see them this whole year and I believe he does it on his own but is greatly influenced by her. Please be aware of this psycho b***h!! Literally hide your kids, your man, cause she’s desperate and looking!! They are married now and together, which amazes me how she can still be jealous of me, “his now ex”… Move on already and let him Co-parent properly. BTW, the child she was pregnant with was not my ex husbands. She lied just to stir up drama back then.


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