Erica Bacon Taylor, Kingston, Tennessee – AIDS

This w***e b***h likes to f**k around with your man while she has a man…poor guy probably doesn’t know she has AIDS…lets warn everyone. Erica Bacon Taylor used to see a friend of mine a long time ago. Her parents didn’t like him so they told him after she got AIDS that they had to break up. Apparently she solicited having s*x with all of his friends while they were dating. Both Erica and my friend married other people moved on with their lives until they found each other on Facebook. One thing lead to another and they exchanged numbers and began sexting and planning on meeting. Her husband caught her and called my friend telling him to stop. He did and she begged him to keep talking to her. She told her husband they had met twice having a**l s*x. My friend told his wife they did not even meet but that both he and her husband thought she was seeing someone else too. What is sad is that she has 3 children. What mother would put her children in the middle of such selfish disgusting behavior?


3 thoughts on “Erica Bacon Taylor, Kingston, Tennessee – AIDS

  1. This is ridiculous, I know this family and know for a fact the majority of this is lies and defamation of character, in fact I am advising her and her husband to seek legal counseling for defamation of character immediately!

  2. Wow! Proof that this is lies is the fact that there is no name to even respond to about allegations! Pretty good evidence against accuser! It also looks very cowardly…I know this lady too and she is a wonderful mother and wife and does not have AIDS!!!!Erica call your lawyer immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sue this person for defamation of character for obvious lies that can be proved thru a blood test and you know that takes no time at all! Jealousy is all I can figure what this post is about! Do not let this get you down. You are a great person and this person or creature deserves the most punishable fine possible for this!

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