Eric George, West Lafayette, Indiana

Eric portrays himself as an honest, hardworking, successful, single dad. He tries to make everyone around him believe he is a stand up great guy, but in reality he is obsessed with s*x and p**n and will go to any measure in order to be satisfied. He has been caught at least 6 times with girls that he has met on craigslist naked in his bed and he is always having s*x with the mother of his children even though he tells everyone how crazy she is. He is a liar and a master mind manipulator. He will never change even though he has went through many hours of counseling.


3 thoughts on “Eric George, West Lafayette, Indiana

  1. It speaks volumes about the poster who would go so far as to publicly smear someone’s reputation over a relationship. Obviously, you’re bitter and full of spite.

    I hope you can find peace. While I’d like to say thank you for the PSA, I think it’s shameful for you to post this.

    And no, I’m not in a relationship with Eric, however I do know him.

    1. Though creative and I got a good laugh out of it, this is absolutely insane. There is some truth to it though, He does portray himself as an honest hardworking successful single dad, because he is. He does try to make everyone around him believe he is a great stand up guy, because again, he is. i have known Eric for 30 years, I am a dude, and I can tell you all this s**t is absolutely false, funny, but false…to finish…don’t do that…don’t do that…

  2. I found out recently that Eric has been having an affair with my wife. I do not think he his such a stand up guy. He also was my wife’s boss for several years. What a sad pathetic excuse for a man. There are a lot of single woman out there, go find one.

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