Eric Bowles, Jr. North Carolina

Since I hear he as moved to NC women should be warned there as well. Eric Bowles Jr. I met this guy about a year ago… on our first date he was very charming. Long story short lied about everything but his telephone number. Said he had no kids… little did I know there was another woman who was 8 months pregnant with his alleged 5th child. The weekend she had her baby he told me he had to leave town bc his father suffered a stroke. Sent me screen shots of a conversation with his mother about his father’s health to verify that his father was sick. He told me he has never been married before when he in fact STILL is married. He kept trying to rush the marriage situation and told me he wanted me to walk down the isle to a John Legend song. He used work as an excuse to be absent a lot of times. He was a general manager for Waste Industries in Stockbridge GA. I ended up intercepting an email and that is when all h**l broke loose. Despite being presented with concrete evidence he still lied. I sent him a screen shot of the baby registry and he denied it… when I confronted him about the baby mother he denied knowing who she was and was adamant that he didn’t have any kids. Women need to be careful as he has no regard for other’s safety and he does have an STD. I’m not sure what guys like him get out of playing these games but they must be exposed. He is one h**l of a skilled liar.


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  1. I too had a run in with this guy… he is such a liar and he has so many women its ridiculous… I used to work with him and he was always flirting with the CSR’s. I think there are plenty of women out there who fell victim to his charm and I feel bad for them.

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