Emily Petoskey, Niceville, Florida

This “woman” met my husband when he was on a dating site (don’t worry he’s getting his own post). They got together got drunk and had s*x in Febuary 2014. He cut ties with her afterwards when I found out I was pregnant. He told her the truth of how he was married and they ended things. Then in January of 2016 he reached out to say “check on her” and they start talking about wanting to get hotels and have s*x again. She drove all the from her home to our town (two hours) to meet with a man she knew was married and had a young child. What she didn’t know was that I was pregnant again. They met and made out because “she just couldn’t help but want to kiss him”. I found out about all of this a few days later and told her the truth and how he was full of s**t trying to tell her that we were taking a separation. She said she had no idea and that she would never break up a marriage and said she wanted nothing to do with him. Come to find out she met with him in Target and he is currently at her house right now, they claim they are “just friends”. She has repeatedly ignored me telling her the truth about my husband and his mental illness, she is also ignoring that we have a one year old and 8 week old baby at home and encouraging his s****y behavior. Beware of this one, even if she knows your man is lying she doesn’t give a f*ck. She has caught him lying to her numerous times and I’m sure she will claim that he said he already filed this time too.


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