Emily Morse, Hollywood CA

EMAIL CAPTURE ALERT!! Emily Morse of sexwithemily.com is taking you for a ride. The name of the ride is email capture giveaways.

How does email capture work?

Emily will direct her readers to specific websites with an article she wrote for them. What her readers don’t know (but she does) is that once you are on those sites they offer you free gifts or “giveaways”. Maybe a free E book about picking up girls from one site. A free bottle of miracle vitamins from another.

Just enter your email and name and claim your “free” prize.

Look at www.Aloha.com, Emily writes for them. I’m not going to judge but read their reviews.

So whats the catch?

There is always an expensive up sell through non stop high pressure emails, or subscriptions which require your Credit Card number. Don’t fool yourself, email capture is is a big money business.

Does Emily get paid on sales captured through her traffic. It’s deceptive and immoral not to disclose this to the public.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Protect your email (and yourself) from this type of manipulative bait and switch f☆☆kery


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