Emily Hope Morse

Itunes top ranked Podcaster Emily Morse of the S*x With Emily Podcast is a pathological liar. If you listen to her podcast it’s very clear that she has histrionic narcissistic borderline personality disorder. If you are friend or lover of hers be warned, you are a chump. It’s just a matter of time until you too will be discarded .Emily is a very ordinary person who cheats at everything to get what she wants. The dictionary definition of a cheater is a dishonest person Unworthy of trust. She uses her copyrights to hide and delete negative articles which people write about her personal life. These copyrights are no longer enforceable.

Beware of entering your email address into her website. She’s currently working on an email capture system which it’s designed to trick and pressure you to buy packages of information on dating and relationships. You have been warned!


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