Emily Fae Jamison (Bittner), Columbus, GA, United States of America

This woman is destructive to anything and anyone close to her. STAY AWAY; DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE TELLS YOU.

She is severely unstable, with a lengthy past history of bipolar, manic depressive disorder and anxiety. She has established a consistent pattern of deceiving her partners once they no longer fit her selfish purposes. She often denies any wrongdoing, lies outright to her friends and family, or finds some kind of weak moral justification for continuing to cheat on her partners. She does not know accountability to herself, let alone to a partner or spouse. She does not take ownership of her own thoughts, feelings, or actions and will always take the selfish route out as a part of her exit strategy.

She once cheated on an ex-boyfriend of over four years with another man for a period of a few months, and when the boyfriend found out and confronted her (she initially denied the claims multiple times, despite the boyfriend finding hard proof of her affairs), she told her boyfriend that the guy she was sleeping with had “raped” her. In reality, they had consensual s*x, and continued to do so, and she made up the false story of rape to explain away her actions to her devastated boyfriend. Now she maintains a friendship with the guy who “raped” her, describing him as a good friend and person, and has absolutely no contact with her ex-boyfriend of four years.

She once lied to a good friend of hers that another ex-boyfriend was an abusive drunk who had access to weapons in the home, and that she feared for her livelihood. Her friend did all of the appropriate things – called the police, told her to get to safety, drove across the state in the middle of the night, and made sure she was safe…only to find out that the ex-boyfriend had never laid a finger on her.

As if either of those two weren’t enough, she lied to her spouse (!) about a message with another male friend in which she expressed how awesome it was to have s*x with people you didn’t know from Tinder, etc., because it was so freeing and you could just laugh and love without any cares. When her spouse confronted her about the message, she immediately put all of the guilt onto him, berating him for violating her privacy by checking her phone, and used that as the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ to give up on the marriage and file for divorce, backing it with weak and unsubstantiated claims of ‘mental cruelty’ and emotional abuse.

After that, she CONTINUED to lie to her spouse about her whereabouts and actions during their separation while she was having an affair with another man in a nearby city, even being so careless and brazen as to introduce her TWO-YEAR-OLD SON into that environment and to her deplorable lifestyle choices by having the man over to her apartment when the child was there, and bringing the child with her to the man’s house, all the while lying to her spouse / the child’s father about what was going on.

She knows how to use throwaway / alternate emails and prepaid phones to cover her tracks. She also explained to her spouse that there was a website you could access with a fee that would allow you to search for people’s Tinder accounts…effectively telling him she knew how to hide her tracks if she wanted to.

She has not expressed an ounce of remorse, guilt, or regret for any of the aforementioned, and continued to contend that she was the ‘better parent’ for the child, despite consistently putting her own selfish sexual desires above the best interest of her child, her spouse, and her marriage.

She has lied to all of her friends and family about her activities over the years, and as a result, most of them continue to enable her behaviour. At one point, she even convinced / manipulated her own father into calling her spouse to attempt to reassure him that she wasn’t cheating on him with anyone.

This woman is truly a monster and a master manipulator. Stay as far away from her as humanly possible. Do not believe a word that comes out of her mouth; she will lie to your face about the most heinous, damaging, hurtful things, and not bat an eyelash about it. As soon as she determines that you no longer fit her selfish needs, she will be done with you in one way or another, and being planning her next move / next victim. She truly is the destroyer of worlds. Do not invest yourself in her in any way, shape, or form.


2 thoughts on “Emily Fae Jamison (Bittner), Columbus, GA, United States of America

  1. Wow absolutely disgusting. Shameful to shift the blame on him and then do what she did lying to that extent, that’s unreal.
    Pure selfishness and entitlement. Sound like the little girl who cried wolf.

    And what kind of mother thinks that is okay!!! Wow, just, wow.

  2. To the OP, it sound like you have been fooled and abused by a real narcissist! People like that are scary and very good at manipulation. You become the scapegoat for everything and they project all the blame onto you.

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